PS5 slogan could be "It's Time to Play" if rumours are to be believed

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PlayStation has a had a whole host of slogans throughout the years, and as we head towards the next-gen PS5, rumours are beginning to circulate regarding what the future slogan for the new console. As pointed out by PushSquare, The PlayStation Europe Twitter account recently updated its bio with the slogan "It's Time to Play", which could hint at it being the next official slogan for the new console and the brand overall. 

This change comes after a recent leak on reddit surfaced via a now-removed 4chan post with information regarding the supposed price tag of the PS5 and details relating to the heavily rumoured PlayStation event in February. As with any leaks of this nature, they always have to be taken with a heaping pile of salt, but the leak also points to the "It's Time to Play" slogan as "PlayStation's new slogan for the PS5 and the brand as a whole".

The leak was fairly large, and reads a little like someone making pretty generic predictions about what the PS5 launch line-up could contain, but here are the highlights:

  • PS5 reveal set for February 5, 2020
  • PS5 to launch in October 2020
  • Price will be $499 / £449
  • Launch games will include: Gran Turismo 7, Demons' Souls Remastered, Godfall, Legendz (a new IP from Sony Santa Monica Studios)
  • Games to be teased at rumoured Feb 5 event: Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Marvel's Spider-Man sequel, new sci-fi IP from Naughty Dog, new IP from SIE Japan, new IP from Sony London Studio, Final Fantasy 16, and a new Resident Evil

The supposed PS5 "leaks" might not have any validity at all and it's important to note that this could merely be nothing more than a social media change. But what makes this so interesting is we already know it's an official slogan PlayStation has used in a recent promotional trailer for the PS4, with the very same slogan used for its title. The video description says: "Bring incredible stories, jaw-dropping adventures and iconic heroes into your world with PlayStation 4. It’s Time to Play." 

This does go in line with the idea that Sony could slowly be adopting this slogan for its future advertising campaigns, which would naturally mean it could be used for the PS5, too. 

From "Live in Your World, Play in Ours" to "Greatness Awaits" and "This is for the Players", "It's Time to Play" could very well be the next big slogan for the next-gen console. While the evidence mounting for this slogan isn't exactly concrete, it's not completely outside the realms of possibility. We'll have to wait and see. 

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