PS5 DualSense concept designs are already pouring out across the internet

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Within hours of Sony announcing the new PS5 controller, the DualSense, fans have been creating custom designs that give it a little extra pop. 

In case you missed it, Sony revealed the DualSense controller last night, which is what you'll be playing the PS5 with. What got the gaming community talking was the two tone colour scheme, with the controller now a mix of white and black. 

That two tone design also means that it's real easy for people to have some fun in photoshop, and come up with custom designs that are just as good (if not, whisper it, better than the real thing). 

So, we've scoured the internet to find some of the best examples of the custom designs that fans have been creating for the controller. Let us know in the comments which your favourites are. 

First up is Reddit user DormStreams, who created concepts for the controller based around Sony's most popular franchises. For our money, that Spider-Man one is the pick of the bunch.

Love the look of the Dualsense, so I make some quick custom ideas! from r/PS5

Next up is Twitter artist @BossLogic, who did a few concepts based around specific brands like Nike and Pokemon. While we don't think Pikachu will grace the DualSense any time soon, it is certainly a cool take on the controller. 

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On top of that, and something that's become quite the theme in this round-up, BossLogic also produced designs that are based on Spider-Man. 

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If you're more of a Kingdom Hearts fan, then Twitter artist @Kimpchuu designed a pretty fetching concept controller based on the popular JRPG series.  

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Portal fans will be impressed with this one posted on Reddit by Ineedmorebread. Sony, if there's still time, you could make this the official design…

Out of the few current ps5 controller parody images this is my favourite. from r/PS5

And finally, this nostalgic design from picardiamexicana feels like a retro controller in the making. Fingers crossed we'll see it happen at some point, because that's just as good as the 20th Anniversary controller Sony produced for PS4.

I hope the DualSense is in different colors/styles, like this one (don't get me wrong, the white version still looks fucking CRAZY but black got that nostalgic feel ☺) from r/PS5

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