PS5 and Samsung 4K HDR issue will be fixed in a March system update, Samsung rep says

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An issue between PS5 consoles and some Samsung TVs has left players unable to use both 4K HDR and 120Hz at the same time, but it sounds like a fix is coming from Sony.

PS5 owners have noted the issue ever since the console launched in November, leading some to call for a firmware update from Samsung to fix the issue. However, according to a post from a German Samsung community manager (opens in new tab) (as spotted by TechnClub (opens in new tab)), the company has determined that the issue actually lies in the PS5 itself rather than the TV.

According to the post, Sony is aware of the issue as well. The community manager writes that Sony will "probably" put out an update in March that will resolve the problem. Until the update arrives, PS5 owners on affected Samsung TVs can either reduce the refresh rate to 60hz or disable HDR to keep playing without issues.

Sony itself hasn't made any announcements about a planned PS5 update for March, so we shouldn't count this as confirmation just yet. It is a good sign for Samsung TV owners who have been frustrated in their attempts to get the most out of their new-gen visuals, though.

The latest PS5 system update went into circulation in early December, bringing with it better system performance, more stable Wi-Fi connections, and a controller update as well. As long as you keep your PS5 hooked up to the internet, it should automatically download new system updates whenever they're available.

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