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PS5 accessories priced - here's how much the DualSense controller, Pulse 3D headset and more will cost

PS5 accessories priced
(Image credit: Sony)

It's been one hell of a night for reveals, but thanks to official pricing for PS5 accessories, it's not over just yet. As per the official PlayStation Blog, we now have prices and a rough release window for the likes of the DualSense controller, the Pulse 3D headset, HD camera, and more.

This info-dump on the cost of PS5 accessories follows hot on the heels of a PlayStation 5 price announcement and the revelation that we can reserve a PS5 pre-order tomorrow. They also seem pretty reasonable, all things considered. For example, the DualSense will set you back $69.99 in the US (we don't have a UK cost yet, oddly). Meanwhile, the 3D Pulse headset is a surprising $99.99. Considering the fuss Sony has been making about the console's 3D audio, we were expecting it to be a lot more.

The PS5 accessory prices are as follows:

  • DualSense wireless controller: US$69.99 / ¥6,980 / €69.99 / AU$109.95
  • PULSE 3D wireless headset: US$99.99 / ¥9,980 / €99.99 / AU$159.95
  • HD Camera: US$59.99 / ¥5,980 / €59.99 / AU$99.95
  • Media Remote: US$29.99 / ¥2,980 / €29.99 / AU$49.95
  • DualSense Charging Station: US$29.99 / ¥2,980 / €29.99 / AU$49.95

We don't have a firm date for accessory release yet, but the PlayStation Blog states that they'll arrive at some point in November. With that in mind, we'd expect them to land at the same time as or just after the PS5 consoles. 

Either way, we'll get an answer soon. If PS5 pre-orders are going live on September 17, it stands to reason that you'll be able to put in a pre-order for the accessories at the same time.

We'll let you know as soon as we have more info.

Benjamin Abbott

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