PS4.5 confirmed by second source & rumoured to be a 4K device

PlayStation 4K. It's got a nice ring to it doesn't it? That's the name that Eurogamer is reporting to have heard from more sources that verify the existence of last week's PlayStation 4.5 reports. Apparently the new console already has prototypes in Sony's research and development department and Eurogamer has spoken to a number of sources confirming that it's a very real thing.

What the device can actually do however is a matter of discussion. Apparently more GPU power is being offered to developers but it's still nowhere near enough to provide 4K gaming at the same quality as the current 1080p offering. The graphical power necessary for native 4K gaming is just too much - and let's face it, too expensive - to squeeze into a console box. Instead, Eurogamer suggests, this new PlayStation will be able to offer aspects of 4K gaming such as a wider colour offering and the ability to play ultra HD Media.

It's worth noting here that this new PlayStation, whatever form it takes, will have to find a way not to ostracise the previous generation's install base. In theory, a more powerful PlayStation could be likened to a gaming PC, something that can play all PlayStation 4 games but will allow a better graphical experience. As referenced by Eurogamer, this new graphical prowess will likely include more evolved versions of the AMD GPU and CPU technologies currently inside the PlayStation 4. We'll have to wait and see what Sony announce but it'll need to keep in mind the millions of PS4 gamers who definitely won't want to buy a new box for under the TV.

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Louise Blain

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