PS3 update ready for Euro launch

A PlayStation 3 system update will be arriving on European launch day this Friday, the folk at Sony Computer Entertainment have confirmed. The biggest addition in the 1.6 firmware update appears to be background downloading, which (shock, horror) will allow you to use your PS3 for other things whilst downloading multiple files - though there are currently-undisclosed limitations, says Sony.

Above: Go make yourself a sandwich

Elsewhere the update adds the option to use a full-size keyboard as opposed to the mobile phone-esque pad currently available on debug and US machines. The web brower is also bolstered with a plethora of auto font size-detecting mischief, as well as a new 'pin-point zoom' feature for all your full-screen, ah, 'art' needs. As with all patches, we expect plenty more tweaks and changes to crop up in the PS3 firmware update.

March 19, 2007