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PS3 Unreal Tournament III "amazingly smooth"

Oct 31, 2007

Sure, Unreal Tournament III looks incredible, but will the PS3 version live up to the high-detail, high frame rate standards of the PC game? Yes, says Epic's Mark Rein.

"I was playing the PS3 build for a few hours tonight and it is really, really fantastic," said Rein on the officialGears of War Forums. "[It's] amazingly smooth and solid. I think you PS3 users are in for a huge treat with UT3."

You might be thinking to yourself "he would say that," but from what we've seen of the PS3 version, we agree with Mr. Rein - it does run very smoothly on Sony's console, even if there is a slight loss of the highest graphical detail achievable on a top-end PC.

Rein has confirmed that Epic aims to have the game running at a locked 30fps by the time it's finished. Unfortunately, this looks likeit won't happen until next year.

Courtesy of CVG.