Spotify now available on PS4 and PS3

Off the back of an already impressive set of PS4 updates last week – including the arrival of the long-awaited Suspend/Resume feature – you can now use popular music streaming service Spotify on your PS4 and PS3. Announced today on the EU PlayStation Blog the app brings with it access to 30 million songs and – gather yourself now – 1.5 /billion/ playlists covering every possible mood you could ever hope (or dread) to find yourself in.

Excited? We haven't even started yet. Not only can you listen to Spotify's impressive music catalogue with both a Free and Premium account, PS4 users can even create their own custom soundtracks to use in-game. Spotify's Premium service costs £9.99 a month and for the few who haven't already had a free trial, there's a free month available.

To make life easier, you can also use the Spotify Connect feature, which uses the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android handset to select playlists, skip songs and more. Those still using the soon-to-be-defunct Music Unlimited service will be also able to get a free two-month trial of Spotify's Premium service to help smooth over the music streaming transition.

The app is available on the PlayStation network now for PS3 and PS4.

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