PS3 peripheral pricing pronounced

Friday 20 October 2006
Along with the first-party games line-up, Sony America announced the US pricing of the first wave of peripherals: separate SixAxis controllers, the converter required to transfer your PSone and PS2 save games to PS3's hard drive, and a remote control for Blue-ray Disc play.

A SixAxis controller will cost $50 (about £27) - the same slightly painful pricing as an Xbox 360's wireless controller, and about twice the current US price of a DualShock 2. The Memory Card Adaptor is a more manageable $15 (about £8) and the Blu-ray remote will be $25 (about £14).

And while both versions of the US PS3 will now support HDMI output, as we previously reported an HDMI cable won't be included with the machine, so you can add that to the cost of the PS3 experience if you've already got an HDMI-ready hi-def monster telly. In the States, Sony's own-brand cables retail for around $50 (£27) but unbranded cables can be found for less than half that price.