PS3 launch: All about PlayStation Store

So, what can you expect to find on PS Store tomorrow and in the weeks following launch? Below is the most recent PlayStation Store schedule listing the upcoming downloadable games. In addition, Sony also hopes to make the Home and LittleBigPlanet GDC trailers available on 6 April.

23 March
Blast Factor | £3.49
Burn your eyes and put your reflexes through their paces with this neon bright, old school-styled shooter.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection | £6.99
Staggeringly good PSP fighter - it's the best Tekken for ages - converted for PS3, complete with brain smashingly real 1080p HD visuals.

Gran Turismo HD | Free
Ten cars (including a Ferrari), one track (Eiger Nordwand), online rankings, 1080p HD visuals, two modes. And it's all for free. FREE. Definitely one to download on day one.

Lemmings | £tbc
Stop the lemmings killing themselves in this fondly remembered brain-straining platformer. Anticipate more 'blasts from the past' to appear on PlayStation Store.

Above: Tekken 5 has to be our pick of the launch day downloadable games

30 March
Super rub 'a' dub | £tbc
This rubber ducky puzzler is good for showing off the tilt action of the Sixaxis controller. Definitely more like a tech demo than a game worthy of attention.

6 April
Flow | £tbc
This beautiful little curio effortlessly submerges players into a deep blue world where they must evolve their graceful aquatic organism. Like a version of Snake with clever specs on, this is silky, surreal and definitely one for chin strokers.

13 April
Go! Sudoku | £tbc
It's good that Sony is making sure that there's going to be something for everyone, but this is still just maths pretending to be fun.

20 April
Go! Puzzle | (£tbc)
Turn the cute cubes (they have eyes!) and match the colours. Challenge, puzzle, time attack and multiplayer modes make up the fun.

11 May (tbc)
Calling all cars | £tbc
Cartoon styled cops 'n' robbers racer from the man behind the original God of War, David Jaffe. Off and online multiplayer is the focus.

18 May (tbc)
Nucleus | £tbc
No information on this title is currently available.


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