PS3 has too many shooters and driving games, says Microsoft

The PlayStation 3 doesn't have a games portfolio for audiences such as families and kids, says Stephen McGill, Microsoft's head of gaming and Entertainment and Devises Division UK.

"If you look at the PS3 line-up it's quite heavy in shooters and drivers," McGillsaid in a recent interview. "I'm pleased to say that our portfolio is quite appealing to the masses."

"We've got a great portfolio of games for kids, families, moms and girls," he continues. "As you come into Christmas I think you'll see our portfolio expand to over 300 titles with all the biggest franchises that everyone will want."

Above: The only kind of game you can play on PS3?

McGill also pointed out that the Xbox 360 is the only platform where you can play "Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV." True Facts.

Looking at Sony's first-party launch line-up (Resistance, Ridge Racer, Genji, GT HD etc) we can't really fault McGill's claims, but didn't the Xbox 360 have the same problem back when it launched in 2005?

March 23, 2007