PS3 games: $60 on 1 December?

Thursday 15 June 2006
PS3 game pre-orders have started at $60 (around £32), with US online retailer Best Buy listing a total of nine games including Devil May Cry 4, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Resident Evil 5 and Tekken 6 - all with a 1 December release date.

Best Buy is already selling Wii games at $50 (around £27), with the exact same date. Given that Xbox 360 games also sell for $50, does Best Buy suspect (or know) something that no-one else is admitting: that PS3 games are going to sell for a price in excess of Xbox 360's RRP?

Or, more likely, is it just that the mad rush to amass pre-orders is rearing its ugly head earlier than usual? We'll just have to wait until official details jump out of Sony's mouth.