PS2 gains Shining Force

Sega delivered another PS2 exclusive today in the form of Shining Force EXA - a new chapter in the long-running strategy-RPG series. Although the last Shining Force game for the PS2 took something of a departure from its classic strategy roots, this new version should inject it right back in with improved combat commands.

The biggest news is the inclusion of a new fortress-building system that enables you to grow your home base (called a Geo Fortress) over time, constructing it to fit your playstyle. While out battling, you'll need to leave a defensive force behind in case your Geo Fortress comes under attack. The game follows Toma and Cyrille, a shining force wielding warrior and a powerful magic user respectively, but you'll have a bunch of different characters that will fight alongside the two mains (similar to previous Shining games).

No release date has even been hinted at by Sega, but we are hoping it's along shortly. Keep your eyes here for an update as soon as we can get the bribes... er, we mean emails over to Sega.

September 21, 2006