PS Vita price drop confirmed for Japan

UPDATE: Regarding the possibility of a similar price cut being introduced outside of Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment UK said this morning: "The price cut announced today is for the SCE Japan region only and we have nothing to announce at this time regarding pricing within the our own region." The original story follows:

During tonight’s surprise live stream, Sony announced that it would be dropping the Japanese price for the PlayStation Vita on February 28. Both the WiFi and 3G Vita models will retail for 19,980 yen, which translates to about $215 USD (or, realistically, a $200 price point). Sony also revealed a slew of promotions to sweeten the deal even further, including a free week of PlayStation Plus for anyone to buy a system in the weeks following the price drop, a few new bundles including upcoming games, and other promotions aimed to get PS Vita into more homes. Oh! And a sexy new Ice Silver system, which looks like the regular Vita, except it's silver. And sexy.

What does this mean for gamers outside of Japan? Well, we don't know officially, but it's safe to say that this price drop will make its way to the US and UK soon. Odds are Sony will reveal something during its upcoming "Future of PlayStation" event, scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday. Stay tuned for more information as it develops, and be sure to check back on the 20th to see exactly what this upcoming event is about.

Hollander Cooper

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