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Project X Zone roster: Meet all 60 playable characters

Neneko (Yumeria)/Saya (Namco x Capcom)

As you can see from Saya's provocative dress and snide facial expression, she's either the villain of a fantasy RPG or heading to Comic-Con for the weekend. We're pretty sure there's no Comic-Con in Project X-Zone, so yes, this is the villain of Namco x Capcom recycled for another adventure. She's a Support unit, but begins as a rival thanks to her evil roots.

Neneko, however, isn't bad, just... kind of special? A supporting character in the Yumeria anime and Japan-only PS2 game, she's a girl who thinks she's a cat and whose fully-grown alter-ego, Neito, only comes out when she sleeps. Also she has a huge hammer which ought to acquit this Support character well.


Obviously Project X Zone's lengthy list of in-jokes and references to established Capcom/Namco/Sega continuity doesn't begin and end with the cast list. Stay tuned for further explorations into the game's wealth of allusions and guest appearances, as we anticipate the game's English-language launch this summer.

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