Resident Evil goes multiplayer again in the first trailer for Project Resistance, and this time it might work

The first official trailer for Project Resistance, the new co-op game set in the Resident Evil universe, is here. Capcom debuted the Project Resistance trailer ahead of its appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2019 later this week, properly introducing fans to the 'four versus hordes of zombies and other even more horrible things' premise. The trailer seems to be CGI but the actual gameplay probably won't be far off, given how nice Resident Evil 2 looked.

Resident Evil has taken a few shakes at multiplayer before: there were the Outbreak games, which were before their time, and years later Umbrella Corps, which was so bad it almost existed outside of time. It may finally come together now. The Project Resistance trailer introduces four heroes who look way too ragtag to have survived this deep into a dangerous Umbrella Corp facility, but that is just the way these things go. They're harried at every turn by an unseen figure at a creepy control panel - locking down exits, releasing hordes of zombies, sending out a Licker when the zombies fail miserably to chew any brains. The director even appears to assume control of the Tyrant from Resident Evil 2, AKA Mr. X, or another gargantuan bruiser from the same product line.

It was clear that Project Resistance would be a multiplayer co-op game of some kind from the leaks, but this trailer lets the other size 19, steel-toed boot drop: it's very likely that another player will get to assume the role of a nefarious Umbrella director, putting all of their corporation's horrid tools to use to prevent a group of survivors from escaping. The trailer concludes by teasing "more details at Tokyo Game Show", so we won't have to wait long to find out how it all works.

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Connor Sheridan

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