Project Gotham Racing 4: new screens and date

Aug 23, 2007

You'll be racing motorbikes and cars in sexy weather effects in Bizarre Creations' Project Gotham Racing 4 as of October 2 in the US (October 12 in the UK), Microsoft has confirmed.

That gives you a around seven weeks to brush up on your kudos-earning, power sliding skills, and prepare to get to grips with the new bikes in the new game of the series. To get yourself pumped up, check outthese new screens.

"I think the feature list of PGR4 says it all," Bizarre's web and community lead Ben Ward told us.

"This time around we're adding dynamic weather, motorcycles, a new party-based matchmaking system, the most detailed tournament system yet seen on Xbox Live, PGR On Demand, a nations-based statistics website, and a brand new Career Mode."