Project Gotham Racing 4 in still life

September 10, 2007

What with the wealth of fantastic games coming out over the next couple of months, Project Gotham Racing 4 hasn't received as much attention as you would normally expect. But that's likely to change very soon as the game's shaping up to be even better than its predecessor, asthese new screenshots from the game's photo mode show.

The lavish reflection effects in the cars' bodywork are rendered in real-time and even extend to mirroring the animated 3D people at the track's edge. The rainfall is true 3D too, so when you move the camera around in the photo mode, the virtual stair-rods hold their position in the air like something out of The Matrix.

Incidentally, photo mode is accessible from the pause menu in the game or at any time during a replay, so you need never miss a good photo opportunity. Expect to be able to upload your snapsto the game's website and share themwith your friends, as with Forza 2.

Check out the screens and then get working out how you're going to persuade Santa to buy you this as well as Halo 3, PES 2008, Virtua Fighter 5, Skate, Sega Rally, Call of Duty 4, Burnout Paradise, and Assassin's Creed for Christmas. It really is a great time to be a 360 gamer. Expensive, but great.

Above: Drop the camera to the ground, add some effects and... voila! A photo fit for the Tate

Justin Towell

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