Presidents 3

TV Show: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, various episodes
President: Henry Hayes
Played by: William Devane
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: Worrying about whether the Stargate project is worth all those funds.

TV Show: Stargate SG-1 "The Road Not Taken"
President: Hank Landry
Played by: Beau Bridges
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: Even Stargate’s boss becomes Pres in yet another alternate future. He reveals the existence of the Stargate, declares martial law and cancels elections. Reagan would have been proud.

TV Show: The Outer Limits "The Hundred Days Of The Dragon" (1963)
President: William Lyons Selby
Played by: Sidney Blackmoor
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: Secretly replaced by an impostor from the inscrutable Orient with a malleable face.

TV Show: The Outer Limits: "Trial By Fire" (1996)
President: Charles Halsey
Played by: Robert Foxworth
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: A peace-loving liberal faced with an alien invasion and bloodthirsty advisors.

TV Show: The Outer Limits "Decompression" (2000)
President: Wyndom Brody
Played by: Bruce Boxleitner
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: A tyrannical president from an alternate future which is prevented when a lying time travelling convinces the younger Brody to throw himself from a plane. (Boxleitner was later promoted to President of the Interstellar Alliance in Babylon 5)

TV Show: Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1964), Lost In Space (1965)
President: Henry Talbot Macneil
Played by: Ford Rainey
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: America’s longest-serving president, since in Voyage it’s said he was elected in 1972, and he’s still around for the launch of the Jupiter 2 in 1997 in the Lost In Space pilot episode.

TV Show: Lost In Space (1965)
President: Unnamed
Played by: Ford Rainey
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: See Above

TV Show: Project Moonbase (1953)
President: Unnamed
Played by: Ernestine Barrier
Sex/race: Female, white
Political Career: In power in the early 1970s when American sends a mission to the moon to see if moonbases are possible

Film: Bicentennial Man (1999)
President: Marjorie Bota
Played by: Lynne Thigpen
Sex/race: female, white
Political Career: Becomes involved in a robot's quest to prove that he is a sentient being.

TV Show: Dallas
President: Cliff Barnes
Played by: Ken Kercheval
Sex/race: Male, white
Political Career: Okay, Dallas isn’t really SFX territory… usually. But in the last episode a being who may be the Devil does an It’s A Wonderful Life vibe on JR Ewing, and the in the alternate JR-less universe, JR’s bitter rival Cliff Barnes gets the number one job.

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