Premonition review

You don't need ESP to guess how bad this popcorn horror movie's gonna be. In fact the only person who doesn't seem to realise it's terrible is Sandra Bullock, whose quality control radar obviously needs an overhaul (recent entries of shame: Miss Congeniality 2, The Lake House... need we continue?).

Bullock plays a stay at home mom who has a premonition of her husband's future death and starts to lose the plot - something she's got in common with the screenwriters. Every morning she wakes up he's either rotting in a casket or sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee, depending on what day it is. Fortunately a friendly local vicar pops up to utter a few stupidities - "History's full of unexplained phenomena; nobody knows why" (well, duh) - before the third act nosedives into what's really just a very long ad for the dangers of driving while using a mobile phone.

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