Premium PS3 Bluetooth remote announced at CES, isn't ridiculously bulky

Snakebyte's new remote, which was announced at CES, ismore than just a PS3 remote control -it's a full universal remote for all your Bluetooth and Infrared devices. For most, that means all your Infrared devices and your PS3.

Unlike other universal remotes, though, this one has thefamiliar triangle, circle, X, and square buttons, so it is designed with the PS3 user in mind.

It also has a backlit LCD display, cantell thetemperature, displays the current time, lets you program other remotes with the Infrared learning feature, and has a lithium-ion battery, so you'll never have to gosearching for 'double-As' again.

It's even got a USB port to receive firmware updates. So, it's much better than that really old-looking official PS3 Bluetooth remote that Sony has never updated. Don't you think it's time to replace that clunker?

This new remote will be available from Snakebyte atthe company's websitein April. Other online stores will stock it as well, and it'll retailfor $50.

Jan 7, 2011