Pre-E3 06: Yakuza

There's certainly no shortage of crime games, especially on the PS2 - so why the hell should you care about yet another "out of jail and suddenly caught up in a whirlwind of gang activity" outing? Because Yakuza will totally immerse you in the seedy life of Kiryu Kazuma, a former gang member who's still workin' the Gucci suits and alligator shoes.

As you freely explore the garbage-strewn, neon-lit streets of this virtual Tokyo district, you'll instantly notice how much detail has been poured into making Yakuza an authentic underworld experience. Crowds walk around with their own agendas, stores blast advertisements into the night air and rival gang members are always on the lookout for your unwanted ass, ready to throw down right there in the road.

But there's more to being a gangster than drinking licensed alcohol and browsing real Japanese bookshelves. To keep up your honor, you'll often find yourself in street brawls or all-out fisticuffs with other people (who may or may not care that you're technically not yakuza anymore). One scene shows Kiryu trying to enter a club, but the overprotective bouncer flat-out refuses to let him in. So, commence the beat down.