Pre-E3 06: Mage Knight: Apocalypse updated impressions

There's something primal about action RPGs. At their heart, they can usually be summed up as “go from point A to point B, kill everything that moves in between.” However, as some smart guy once said, sometimes the journey is the destination, and that's what makes Mage Knight: Apocalypse so interesting. It's basically another action RPG, but it looks like a supermodel with a sword and has a few intriguing twists.

The character classes aren't the usual stuff. For instance, the lovely Kitana is part Rogue and part Necromancer. Thus, she can carve her initials in your back like a thief or just summon up some great, undead ghoulie to bite you in half. As you pour her experience into new skills in one of three disciplines: physical, necromancy or vampirism (oh yeah - she can do that too), she becomes customized to your style.