PowerWash Sim opens suggestions for new levels and some of them are wild

PowerWash Simulator
(Image credit: FuturLab)

PowerWash Simulator has hit three million players, and has opened the floodgates for player-suggested levels.

Just yesterday on September 6, the official PowerWash Simulator Twitter account revealed that the pleasant cleaning sim had surpassed over three million players worldwide across all platforms. That's quite the number of cleaners going about their business, no doubt helped by the game being launched through Xbox Game Pass in July.

Elsewhere though, developer FuturLab is listening to player suggestions for future levels for PowerWash Simulator. Members of the PowerWash Simulator Discord are now free to submit their suggestions in the 'job-suggestions' section of the Discord channel, with the hope that they might well be selected for implementation in the hit game.

In terms of suggestions that are already in the Discord channel, there's a fairly whacky selection. So far at least, users have suggested the likes of the USG Ishimura (yeah, good luck with that one), Mount Rushmore, a dollhouse, and Elon Musk's "space car," to name but a few.

It's worth noting that new levels appear to already be in the works for PowerWash Simulator, though. As the tweet just below points out, developer FuturLab already has "filthy levels" in the works for the game, so we could well see this next batch of levels before any of the player-suggested levels actually come to life.

Considering the range of increasingly whacky levels we've already got to play around with in PowerWash Simulator, who knows what the development team at FuturLab could be cooking up. More levels for this lovely game can only be a good thing though, because as Heather noted in her feature on PowerWash Simulator earlier this year, "PowerWash Simulator takes a relatively mundane activity in reality and manages to turn it into an enjoyable, chill experience."

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