Postal III flipping the bird to Steam this December

Running With Scissors and Trashmasters Studios is making it is easier to shop for gamers with distinguished taste this holiday season with the release of Postal III for PC. Russian publisher Akella will be bringing the long-in-development third-person shooter to Steam this December, with plans port the “star-studded” (read: Uwe Boll and Ron Jeremy) to consoles at a later date.

Postal III marks the return of the The Postal Dude to the video game scene, who was last seen losing his cool back in 2003 throughout the now-radiated town of Paradise. In the second sequel, The Postal Dude runs out of gas in the city of Catharsis, where he must contend with an economic crisis, eco-zealots, hockey moms, Al Qaeda (timely!), and shady government officials. As before, players will be given the option to complete odd jobs in the way they see fit, with “good” and “bad” actions reportedly affecting how the game will play out.

According to Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi, Postal III's cast will “cover the rainbow of society” and include the likenesses of celebrated movie director Uwe Boll, porn star Ron Jeremy, The Village People's Randy Jones (aka the Cowboy), and Playboy model Jennifer Walcott.

Steam is currently listing Postal III for a generic December 2011 release date. Akella's press release did indicate it is working on porting the sequel to consoles, with producer Andrew Belkin noting: “"It's been a long, hard journey to get it here. But I couldn't have written a happier ending than seeing POSTAL III on Steam!"

A long and hard happy ending, eh? It's nice to see the Postal series is in good hands.

Oct 31, 2011

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