Portal 2 releases Feb 9 – make your Valentine's Day plans accordingly

Attention: as a matter of public service, we have the following information to relay that will be important to you. Portal 2 may have been delayed until 2011, and that’s kind of crappy. But no more crying over spilt milk, when in 2011 is what’s important now.

Above: Finally, a reason for Valentine’s Day to almost matter. Almost

And that “when” is February 9, 2011, as revealed at Gamescom viaGame Informer. Valve, the wizards responsible for you loving a box and hating a computer, have also told the gaming magazine that Stephen Merchant, writer/actor from the British version of The Office, will be the voice of Wheatley the robot.

Yes, February is still a ways away. The silver lining here is that you have plenty of time to justify the week off from work you’ll take to play it to your boss. By which we mean, your significant other. We think you can sell ours on kidney failure. You may be able to do the same, but you gotta be smooth about it, brother. Smooth.

Aug 18, 2010