PoPoLoCrois goes the weasel

PSP RPG PoPoLoCrois is to be released in the UK this spring, courtesy of publisher Ignition. The tongue-twisting franchise was first released on PSone as a tie-in with an anime TV series, and received several sequels. This PSP instalment is the first time it's been released outside of Japan.

Taking in the stories from the first two PSone titles, PoPoLoCrois follows Prince Pieto as he journeys through a world of typical RPG fare - random battles and dungeon trawls - to save his mum, and then some.

PSP has suffered an obvious RPG shortage in the past year, a drought which now seems to be subsiding. Aside from PoPoLoCrois, Tales of Eternia was released last month in the UK and Nippon Ichi's ultra-complex Generation of Chaos has just hit the US.