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POLL! The Greatest Superhero Of All Time

Calling all comic fans (and TV and film fans too): we're compiling the ultimate list of comic book superheroes and we need your vote...

SFX 's mighty sister magazine Comic Heroes is compiling the ultimate countdown of the nation's favourite superheroes. And it all depends on your vote!

From Ant-Man to Zenith, from Adam Warlock to Zatanna, we're running the full comic book gamut here, so join us in this definitive poll! We're after your top five from this list of 177 (yes, 177 of the powered-up cape-wearers!) and we'll reveal the full list of your faves in a Comic Heroes special out in July ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, and here on .

Have fun. And remember to check out the latest issue of Comic Heroes . Up, up and away!

Will Salmon
Will Salmon

Will is a freelance film and TV journalist, whose words have appeared in publications including GamesRadar, Total Film, SFX Magazine, The Quietus, and the Radio Times. He is also a podcast producer, and runs the cassette music label, Modern Aviation. Will is also a former Future journalist, working on Special Editions for the Future Film Group, the Comic Heroes magazine, and others.