Pokemusings, week ten

Okay! After playing some name games in thelast issue of Pokemusings, we head back into the super serious (not really) world of EV training. In case you've missed it (and shame on you if you did!), we've alreadygone over the basicsandrecommended places to EV train. This week, we're going to go over some items that will maximize your EV efforts.

If you've beaten the Elite Four, then you'll have access to the Battle Tower. Not only is this a great place to hone your competitive-battling skills, it's also home to several items that'll fast track your EV training. The "power" items listed below slow down your Pokemon, but allow them to earn four extra EV points every time you gain experience. They cost 16 Battle Points each, but if you're a bit lazy about finding the right kind of Pokemon to battle for the EV points you want then this is the best solution for you.

Above: These Battle Tower items will speed up your EV training big time!

In Pastoria City resides the world's biggest Burmy fan. Have all three forms of Burmy in your party and he'll give you a Macho Brace. While this might sound like the perfect accessory for The Village People, what it actually does is double the EV points gained by the Pokemon holding it. Like the aforementioned Power items, the Macho Brace also slows down your Pokemon.