Pokemusings, week eight

Last week, we gave youthe basics of EV training (opens in new tab)- the complex stat-boosting system in Pokemon that works in a behind-the-scenes way. While it might be tough to grasp initially, EV training is well worth the effort. You'll be making your pokemon the best that they can be if you're mindful about the types of pokemon they defeat. This week's installment of Pokemusings will help your EV efforts by letting you know some excellent places for training in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

Since most of our readers from ourPokemon forums (opens in new tab)are offensive minded, we'll focus on EV training hotspots for all you attackers out there. We'll start with Special Attack. If your pokemon specializes in moves like Surf, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam then this is the stat you'll want to max out.

Above: Just west of the Survival Area is a brilliant place of EV training special sweepers

The absolute easiest place to EV train in Special Attack is the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest. This haunted house is full of Gastlies, which net you one EV point in Special Attack. If you have a GBA game inserted into your DS at the same time, the training gets even better since you'll occasionally bump into Haunters and Gengars, which give you two and three Special Attack EVs, respectively.

Having a high Special Attack usually isn't enough to make an offensive juggernaut. Speed is equally important for many pokemon. One of our favorite training areas is the large patch of grass west of the Survival Area. This area is rife with Fearows and Raticates for Speed EVs, as well as Roselias for Special Attack EVs. If you're looking to make a pokemon that'll sweep the competition with its Special Attack moves - like ourManaphy (opens in new tab) from issue #1 - this is one of the best places to train.