Pokemusings, week 44

Way back in October, we went over some techniques fortwo-on-two battles. We can't stress the enormous difference between singles' and doubles' strategy. They truly require different mindsets, strategies, and moves. Whether you're playing two on two with a friend in Diamond/Pearl or playing against the AI in Pokemon Battle Revolution, doubles battles can be pretty challenging and lots of fun. This week, we're going over some moves that will help you maximize your two-on-two success.

Above: Forretress can absorb some hits and explode on its foes for massive damage

The first technique we really hate using, but its effectiveness can't be denied. Using a Pokemon that knows Explosion is a "cheapie" move that can be game changing. Maximum cheapieness (it's a technical term) can be achieved by pairing the exploding critter with a Pokemon that knows Protect. Explosion has a base power of 250 and hits every character in battle. Protect keeps the partner Pokemon nice and safe.

Some people like to use this move as their opening gambit. It can be devastating against teams that send out pure sweepers with frail defenses. Other people like to let the exploder scout things out and absorb some hits before giving their opponents a nasty surprise. Either way, it can be a crippling move that also adds an element of surprise. The only reason we're a bit iffy on this move is that it's pretty cheap; technically it's not a one-hit knockout move, but effectively it might as well be (in most cases).