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Pokemusings, week 31

3) Pokerus
While many of you are masters ofEV training, there are several Pokemusings readers that are still learning the ropes of this arcane science. The easiest and cheapest way to speed up this seemingly arduous, but essential, task is to use Pokerus. This beneficial Pokemon virus lets Pokemon gain double EVs, cutting EV training time in half. You should always have some Pokerus-infected Pokemon in your PC, ready to spread this wonderful disease. If you don't have any then you must find a fellow trainer to give you an infected critter. You need it.

Above: Who knew that volcanic camels could be so motherly?

4) Dittos with Everstones
Making sure your Pokemon has the right nature is another integral part of battling success. Whether your Pokemon specializes in Special Attack, Speed, or Defense, the right nature will give you a significant stat boost in the area you desire. The simplest way to get the right nature is to get a Ditto with the nature you want and give it an Everstone. Anything it mates with has a higher chance of having that Ditto's nature. Every trainer should spend time hunting Dittos with favorable natures (Jolly, Modest, Impish, Calm, etc.). They're amazingly valuable for breeding purposes.

5) Flame Body or Magma Armor
Okay, you've got a Smeargle to cover your egg moves and a bunch of Dittos to cover your natures. This is likely to result in a lot of Pokemon eggs. Hatching eggs requires a lot of running (or biking) around. Having a Pokemon with the Flame Body or Magma Armor ability cuts the hatching time in half. Personally, we prefer Camerupt. There's just something motherly about this Pokemon and it seems like it was born to hatch eggs.