Pokemusings, week 21

Nov 1, 2007

In Pokemon battles, annoying the hell out of your opponent is sometimes more fun than actually beating them. Whether you're freezing, burning, or paralyzing your enemies, it's fun watching them squirm. The latest generation of Pokemon has introduced several critters that are outstanding nuisances. While Togekiss has been getting a lot of love, there's another excellent annoyer you might want to consider for your team: Ambipom!

Above: We love Togekiss, but there's another dastardly annoyer we recommend for you this week

First off, this Pokemon isn't for the faint of heart. It's frickin' creepy.Forummember AquaCrest describes Ambipom with the poignant words, "creepy smile and two tails holding blown-up rubber gloves...*shudders*" Despite its whacked-out appearance (which we noted with its predecessor Aipom in last week's Pokemusings), Ambipom is an effective annoyer that's also surprisingly powerful.

Ambipom is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game, with a base Speed of 115. Its Attack is also quite high, with a base of 100. A lot of people dismiss its high Attack stat since it doesn't have the most powerful move pool. This is where its Technician ability comes into play. This often overlooked innate ability takes attacks with a base power of 60 or lower and multiplies their damage by 1.5. See where we're going with this?