Pokemon Yellow guide

Pokemon Yellow guide
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Use this Pokemon Yellow guide to get ahead of your rivals and catch 'em all as you battle with other trainers.

Pokemon Yellow tips

Game Boy | Submitted by (tylka@erols.com)

No More Missingno

In Pokemon Yellow there is no more missingno. The glitch has been fixed!!

Game Boy | Submitted by Brandon (Hondaracer80@aol.com)

Surfing Pikachu

First go to fuscia city, and beat the Gym leader, and then go down to the water and there is a house and the guy in there will give you a Surfing Pikachu. (It is realy a pikablu.)

Game Boy | Submitted by Denis

Catch Tauros At Safari Zone

To catch Tauros at the Safari Zone is you have to be in the zones 2 or 3 walk in the grass and if you see a Tauros hold up and A tight. It might not work the first time but try it every time maybe by the time you get 27

S. balls you will get a Tauros.

Game Boy | Submitted by Kevin Walworth

Get Pikachu To Like You Quickly

Start the game and go to the pc and get the potion. Next when proffessor Oak gives a Pikachu to you, don't leave! Turn around and talk to Pikachu.(He will look sad.)Use the potion on Pikachu. It will say you can't do it. But try it 5 times and when you talk to him again he will look very happy. Then leave by defeating Gary on the way out

Game Boy | Submitted by MARK NEUHAUSER (Pikachu@adelphia.net)

Where To Get Charmander,Squirtle And Bul

First go to Cerulean and make sure you beat L.T Surge and then go up the bridge keep going straight after you get off the bridge and talk to the guy you see to get Charmander.

Get Squirtle

1. Go to Vermillion City.
2. Beat LT. SURGE and get the Thunder Badge.
3. Go to the lady in the middle of town.
5. She will say that this Squirtle is making mischief.
6. She will say it needs a good trainer to set it straight, and she will give you Squirtle.
In Cerulean go in the building to the left of the poke center and talk to the girl by the bulbasaur to get him.

Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

Pokemon 101-151

101 - Electrode
102 - Exeggcute
103 - Exeggutor
104 - Cubone
105 - Marowak
106 - Hitmonlee
107 - Hitmonchan
108 - Lickitung
109 - Koffing
110 - Weezing
111 - Rhyhorn
112 - Rhydon
113 - Chansey
114 - Tangela
115 - Kangaskhan
116 - Horsea
117 - Seadra
118 - Goldeen
119 - Seaking
120 - Staryu
121 - Starmie
122 - Mr. Mime
123 - Scyther
124 - Jynx
125 - Electabuzz
126 - Magmar
127 - Pinsir
128 - Tauros
129 - Magikarp
130 - Gyarados
131 - Lapras
132 - Ditto
133 - Eevee
134 - Vaporeon
135 - Jolteon
136 - Flareon
137 - Porygon
138 - Omanyte
139 - Omastar
140 - Kabuto
141 - Kabutops
142 - Aerodactyl
143 - Snorlax
144 - Articuno
145 - Zapdos
146 - Moltres
147 - Dratini
148 - Dragonair
149 - Dragonite
150 - Mewtwo
151 - Mew

Game Boy | Submitted by josh


First get a cubone. Then go back to celadon city and go to the under ground tunnel and talk to the lady and then she will ask you if you want to trade a cubone for a machamp.

Game Boy | Submitted by Clint McRay "The Pokemon King" (clint@elite4.zzn.com)

Clone Pokemon

Ok they had to make it where you could do this on Yellow too!
1. Hook 2 gameboys together
2.One person must have a strong or rare pokemon, and the other person must have a weak and common one.
3. Trade
4. When the trade is almost over it will say waiting.
5.The person who had the rare pokemon 1st turns their GB off, and the other game lets theirs say TRADE COMPLETE.
6. When you turn yur gameboys back on you should both have the rare or strong pokemon.

Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

How To Get Squirtle

First you need to get the HM01 (cut)then go to Officer Jenny in the middle of the town.

Game Boy | Submitted by pokefreak093547

Get Mew For Free

To get mew through a glitch, you should not have defeated the youngster with the slowbro near bill's house or the gambler between lavender and celadon yet. Also you must have FLY. Make sure you have a weak pokemon below or on lvl 7. Go through the underground passage just outside celadon city. As soon as you exit DON'T MOVE. Save the game then walk one step down and IMMEDIATELY press start - if done correctly the gambler will not see you. In the start menu go to a flying pokemon and fly to cerulean city. The gambler will now have noticed you. In cerulean the start won't work because it thinks you are in battle go over nugget bridge and find the youngster with the slowpoke don't walk directly at him or the game will crash let him walk to you. Defeat him and go to Lavender town. Go to route 8 where the gambler is and the START screen will automatically appear press B and you will find a battle. It will be MEW. Catch him and he is yours.

(Editor's note - this cheat is untested, but you never know...)

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