Pokemon Sword and Shield might be the first Pokemon game with an autosave function

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It looks like Pokemon Sword and Shield might be the first Pokemon game to include an autosave function. During the September 4 Nintendo Direct, fans were treated to some new Pokemon Sword and Shield announcements, including the reveal of two new Pokemon and the ability to cook curry rice. Some fans noticed two other new Pokemon in the background of the stream, while other keen-eyed viewers spotted something even bigger - auto-save. 

At the 45-second mark of the Nintendo Direct trailer, a Pokemon trainer walks into a clothing store, undoubtedly to freshen up their look. But as the trainer walks into the store, a "now saving" message appears in the top right corner of the screen, which looks an awful lot like autosave function, no? 

If autosave is indeed included in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it'll mark the first time a core Pokemon game has offered the feature, as the series has traditionally relied on players manually saving for the last twenty or so years. The reactions to this potential (and literal) gamechanger are mixed, however. Including autosave would bring the Pokemon titles more in line with modern game trends and lift the weight of remembering to save off of players' shoulders. For many, autosave is an exciting feature.

But for others who have historically used Pokemon games' manual save function in a specific, strategic way, autosave could be disastrous. Some players will save and reload hundreds of times in an attempt to catch an elusive legendary Pokemon, as you traditionally only get one chance to catch them - accidentally knocking one out in a battle means they're gone for good. Others will use manual saves to boost or reduce stats, a crucial aspect of evolving the most successful Pokemon for competitive modes. These types of players are hoping the autosave function can be toggled off, or that manual save will still be included so that autosaves can be disregarded.

Whether or not autosave will be included in Pokemon Sword and Shield is still unclear, but if it is included it's certain to alter the Pokemon landscape forever. How do you feel about autosave in Pokemon games? I for one would welcome the chance to have a failsafe in place for my frequent forgetfulness… 

Pokemon Sword and Shield will drop on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch. 

The September 4 Nintendo Direct revealed some big Pokemon Sword and Shield news, the best of which is definitely the tea Pokemon. 

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