Pokemon Sun and Moon get a toxic salamander that sounds like a pain to fight

While the rest of the world is busy fishing for Pokemon in their toilets, the Alola region from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is getting a new inhabitant. Meet Salandit, a Poison/Fire type Pokemon that looks like a real annoyance to fight. 

What makes Salandit so potentially annoying is its Corrosion ability, which is all-new for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Corrosion makes it possible for Salandit to infect any Pokemon with poison, even Steel and Poison types, which would normally be immune. Hope you're ready to carry around a lot of Antidotes.

You know, I really dig this new generation of Pokemon. The critters we've seen coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon are a good mix of cute and intimidating, and there aren't any obvious trash Pokemon like Garbador or Vanilluxe. So I say welcome to Salandit, you toxic son of a salamander. You're alright in my book.

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Sam Prell

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