Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's next patch includes new features alongside more bug fixes

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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We're getting a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update at the end of February, and it's set to fix bugs and introduce a number of new features to the game. 

As revealed on Nintendo's support page (opens in new tab), developer Game Freak is planning to roll out the version 1.2.0 update in "late February" - it doesn't quite have a release date yet. The patch notes for said update read: "With this update, we are planning to add features to Pokemon Boxes and fix bugs that affect game progress, among other updates." The post then adds: "We will continue to take your feedback very seriously and take measures to improve your gameplay experience."

So what can we expect from the 1.2.0 update? Well, the patch notes say that soon trainers will be able to change their Pokemon's nickname, markings, held item, and mark or ribbon-related titles as well as reorder moves, have Pokemon remember moves, and have them forget moves and use TMs too. Not only this, but players can swap out held items by pressing the Y Button when in the Held Items view.

The other notable changes coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are that players will soon be able to select 'All Boxes' while moving Pokemon or items in the party and boxes view, and hand items view. As well as this, when in the Battle Team view, Pokemon in Boxes that are assigned to a Battle Team will soon have their icons displayed in a darker hue - if those Pokemon are members of the battle team that is being displayed. Finally, the News screen will be displayed when you connect to the internet from the main menu, just like it does when you connect to the internet via the Poke Portal. 

It's not all new features though, this patch will also implement a number of bug fixes - far too many to list here. Right at the end of the patch notes though, read: "We are planning further features and bug fixes not listed in these patch notes," meaning there are still a few more updates expected for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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