Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans can't believe how cute (or how big) new Legendary Terapagos is

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terapagos
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The upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC will introduce two new legendaries, Ogerpon and Terapagos, and there's already a lot of love for the latter. 

Announced earlier this week during the February Pokemon Presents, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is getting a two-part DLC called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. Part one, The Teal Mask, will introduce the legendary Pokemon Ogerpon whilst part two, The Indigo Disk, will add Terapagos.

Getting new Pokemon to add to our Pokedex is always exciting, but there seems to be a lot of interest surrounding Terapagos in particular. It's not hard to see why though, the turtle-like creature sports a stunning color scheme made up of blues, yellows, pinks, and more - plus they've got a lot of gemstone-like qualities. Simply put, it's a pretty Pokemon. 

There's also theories that it could have been hiding in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in plain sight, as pointed out by @Mootmonthly on Twitter, Terapagos does bear a resemblance to Paldea's map from above. Chatter about what inspired Terapagos' design has also been doing the rounds online, with some fans theorizing that it could have been inspired by the Indigenous Canadian story of Turtle Island, and others suggesting it could be linked to the Japanese Momotarō folk story.

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Terapagos also has fans on Reddit, who have made themselves known in the comments of a post sharing details about the upcoming DLC. "I didn’t expect the Disk Legendary to be so… cute," one user said, it seems the feeling is mutual as another said: "I expected them to look so eldritch that they would make Eternatus (gen 8 Legendary) look normal."

Unfortunately, we've got a bit of a wait before we get to see Terapagos in the digital flesh. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC isn't due to roll out for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet until towards the end of the year, with The Teal Mask set to release in "Fall" 2023 and The Indigo Disk (the part that will introduce Terapagos) not due until "Winter" 2023. 

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