Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans are already worried about what Sprigatito will evolve into

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sprigatito
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans are already voicing their concerns about starter Sprigatito and whether it will stay on all fours or not. 

A quick search on Twitter has revealed that several fans are worried about new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter Sprigatito following in Incineroar’s footsteps and evolving from an adorable kitten into a buff biped. The search term "Sprigatito quadruped" on Twitter contains numerous fans discussing their fears of what the cute grass kitten will evolve into in the upcoming game. 

Some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans had reasonable reactions to this, by simply tweeting at the official Pokemon Twitter account the likes of: "KEEP SPRIGATITO A QUADRUPED" over and over. Others decided to go for a bargaining approach by tweeting: "Please let Sprigatito stay quadruped, quick someone tape his front feet to the floor!” 

However, some fans ended up resorting to violence to make the grass-type Pokemon stay on all fours, with one fan tweeting: "if Sprigatito doesn't stay quadruped, I will break its kneecaps and make it so." Everyone has their own way of dealing with Pokemon evolution anxiety, we guess?

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This isn’t to say nobody wants to see Incineroar 2.0, as one fan in the discussion did also say: "I can go for bipedal and quadruped Sprigatito. Bipedal will be Incineroar 2 and make pokemon fans mad. Quadruped would look cool and be refreshing. Either way is win/win" 

If you’re still looking for more peace of mind though, another fan did point out: "Every grass starter so far that has begun as a quadruped has STAYED a quadruped across its evolutions!" before aggressively adding: "DON'T BREAK THE CYCLE SPRIGATITO."

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