Pokemon Rumble is first Wii U game to use NFC

The first Wii U game to support near field communication (NFC) tech will be Pokémon Rumble U.

Set for release in Japan on April 24, it will enable players to buy collectible figures from Pokémon Center stores, scan them using the GamePad's NFC reader, and then import virtual versions into the game world, scans of CoroCoro magazine (via Serebii) reveal.

The game will cost 1,800 yen (£12.60 / $18.80) to download from the Wii U eShop, ONM reports. Six standard figures and one special figure will be available to purchase on launch day, each priced at 200 yen (£1.40 / $2). Pikachu is the only toy to have been confirmed so far, and you’ll be able to train the figures and record your battle information on them.

The game’s story reportedly revolves around players attempting to guide lost Pokémon back to a toy shop, while facing various bosses including Chandelure. Western launch plans for Pokemon Rumble U have yet to be announced.

Last week, Nintendo design chief Shigeru Miyamoto said the company is currently more concerned with releasing its first NFC project than a title which supports the use of multiple GamePads, noting: “With NFC, that's a feature that everyone that owns a Wii U can take advantage of. So that's what we're putting our priorities right now.”

Activision has already seen great success with its NFC Skylanders games, which generated over $1 billion in global retail sales, inclusive of toys and accessories, in just 15 months. The upcoming Disney Infinity will also utilise NFC tech.