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Pokemon Monday 31 - Geography controversy

Episode31 highlights

Reopening the "ground zero" controversy - Listener SuperSEGABros wrote in to ask us to take another look at the debate over whether or not the contruction area in Route 4 of B%26amp;W is based in any way on 9/11's ground zero.He sitesthisblog postas evidence, andwe have to agreeit's a compelling argument, although it's highly unlikely (read: not possible) that Game Freak or Nintendo meant any offense by it.Make sure you look at thehigh-res versionfor maximum convincing!

Rumor: New Pokemon game for Wii?- We don't need to hear a rumor to agree that it makes logical sense that Nintendo will release another Pokemon Battle game for Wii that will be compatible with Black and White.

Pokemon Black and White spotlight: The Ice-types- This generation has more pure Ice-types than everyprevious generation combined!Quantity doesn'tnecessarily mean quality though...

Pokemon Postfanzine -Shout out to GamesRadar forumuser Pry0citer, whocreated an online fanzine dedicated to Pokemon.

Pokemon of the week: Weavile - the Sharp Claw Pokemon. Continuing our salute to Ice-types, we takea look atthis truly unique Dark/IcePokemon.With its super speed and highattackstat combo, Weavile is definitely worth checking out if you have yet to discover this gen 4 gem.

Question of the week: What do you think about the geography of the Unova region? Do you think the "ground zero" theory is valid?

See you next week!

Jan 10, 2010

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