Pokemon Monday 28 - It's superbly effective!

Episode28 highlights

Black & White spotlight: Nageki and Dageki - Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee meet Bert and Ernie.

Remember to get your Dream World Arceus - If you imported Black or White, make sure you sign up for a Pokemon Global Link account to download your Arceus. Instructionshere.

News we neglected to mention - TheJapanese official Pokemon siteannounced recently that there will be another Victini giveaway event to coincide with the Victini movie, but didn't reveal any additional details. We could have guessed this, but it's exciting news because this Victini will likely have its signature move, V-Generate, which we covered on a previousPokemon spotlight.

Pokemon of the week: Glaceon - The Fresh Snow Pokemon. The last Eeveelution in the national 'dex, Glaceon's beauty makes up for its lack of practical uses in battle. If you were wondering, you can obtain both Glaceon and Leafeon in Black and White without using the PokeShifter to import from DPP. Just like the Moss Rock in Eterna Forest and the Ice Rock on Route 217 in DDP, both rocks exist in Unova too, in Yaguruma Forest and Mt. Neji respectively.

Above: Classroom boredom leads to awesome fanart via this week's QOTW submitter, enlargedhousecats

Question of the week (submitted by userenlargedhousecats): Do you have any pokemon related habits or traditions? For example, catching every legendary you can in a Poke Ball or alternating character genders each game, or something silly like that?

See you next week!

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