Pokemon Monday 22 - This polar bear has an aggressive crotch

Episode22 highlights

Pokemon B&W spotlight: the monkey trio and their evolutions- We discuss the pros and cons of these goofy simians.

Mew Wi-Fi distribution for HG/SS- Reminder: download your Mew for HeartGold or SoulSilver by October 30! We go over some common questions about receiving a Wi-Fi Mystery Gift.

B&W Wi-Fi distributions announced for Japan- If you imported a copy of Black or White, you can download a Kumashun from the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and a Croagunk via the Pokemon Global Link.

Pokemon of the week: Toxicroak - The Toxic Mouth Pokemon. Toxicroak's evolutionary family contains the only Poison/Fighting-type Pokemon. With an awesome attack stat and a brutal Dream World ability (Underhanded - 30% chance of poisoning opponent when using a move that makes contact), Toxicroak is well worth checking out.

Question of the week: Which Pokemonwould you most want to see Nintendo distribute via Wi-Fi event? Celebi? Shiny starters? Let us know in the comments below.

See you next week!

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