Pokemon Monday 18 - Black and White are here!

Episode18 highlights

Pokemon Black and White are here - We just got our copies of B&W this morning. We give ourfirst impressions and discuss whatyou can expect for ourupcoming B&W coverage.

Pokebeach and Serebii hit with cease and desist notices- Nintendo of America asked that these fansites remove images of B&W Pokemon. We weigh in on the international nature of the internet and what that means for game companies trying to control the flow of information.

Pokemon of theweek: Charizard - Althoughhis tail isaserious weakness, we decree this Fire/Flying Pokemon to be the best final evolution among the Fire-type starters.

Question of the week: Are you worried about seeingPokemon Black and White spoilers from the Japanese versionbefore the US/EU versions of the game release in Spring 2011?

See you next week!

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