Pokemon Go players have caught 88 billion Pokemon and walked far enough to leave the solar system

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Pokemon Go players are currently racking up some impressive stats with Niantic reporting that, as of December 7, players have walked 8.7 billion kilometers. Pluto is only 7.5 kilometers away, meaning trainers have collectively left the solar system. 

Other comparisons from Niantic mention this is about 200,000 trips around the Earth and that it would take 1000 years for a commercial airliner to cover the same distance. So, far then. 

And, all that walking has caught 88 billion pokemon, roughly at a rate of 533 million a day. 

Currently Pokemon Go is having a little Christmas happening with Santa-hatted Pikachu's to catch, and it's adding in some Gen 2 pokemon to hatch from eggs. Let's see what else has in store. 

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