Pokemon Go keeps finding pokemon in toilets and other weird places

Pokemon Go promised us we'd be able to find and catch our favorite pocket monsters in the real world. And judging by screenshots from early players, it's keeping true to that promise - even if the reality is … a little less glorious than you might've thought.

See, as Pokemon Go rolls out to the public across the world, users are indeed finding Pokemon scattered about in the real world. That part is true. It's just where, specifically, that things are getting a little weird. Sometimes it works out really well, like this moment when a user found both a Persian and a Venonat:

This perfectly-placed Exeggcute:

Or this Rattata, drawn by the smell of free food:

Other times, the Pokemon you find can be a bit mischievous. Nobody wants to find a bug in their food:

Or a Rattata that's already fainted:

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And this Caterpie is just obscene:

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But of all the places you could find Pokemon in Pokemon Go, the most reliable seems to be the bathroom. Here's three cute little rascals caught drinking from the toilet. Or maybe they emerged from it? I'm not really sure which is worse.

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Oh, and in your hunt for wild Pokemon, maybe don't wander into police stations. You know, suddenly I don't envy Ash Ketchum quite like I did when I was 10.

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