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Pokemon Go is getting a new Halloween-themed event

(Image credit: Niantic)

Get ready for some spooky shenanigans as Niantic are bringing a new event to Pokemon Go just in time for Halloween. 

The update, which is releasing October 23 and will last until November 3 will see Galarian Yamask making its debut in Pokemon Go with a new Halloween-themed Special Research event.

According to a new blog post (opens in new tab) the event will feature Ghost-type Pokemon appearing more often in the wild and Mega Buddy Challenges, where you and other Trainers will be able to participate in exclusive Timed Research that will have exclusive rewards. You will also be able to complete Special Research to help Professor Willow uncover mysteries surrounding Pokemon. 

Not only that, but completing Field Research tasks may lead to you encountering Spiritomb, with the chance of encountering a Shiny one as well. 

The new update will also include avatar items as you prepare to battle Pokemon in raids and take part in new Halloween-themed mini events such as the Catch Mastery: Ghost Day as well as the Halloween Cup. Darkrai will also be featured in five-star raids for the event, with Halloween-themed Field Research tasks to be completed as well. New Avatar items will be available for cosmetic collectors, with items such as a Pikachu mask, Gengar onesie, Sableye goggles, Sableye mask and a Banette mask. The event will also give exclusive bonuses for those up for the spooky challenge. 

This year’s Pokemon GO Halloween event will contain a number of ways to celebrate with Alolan Marowak Raid Day, Catch Mastery: Ghost Day and Go Battle League: Halloween Cup. You can read all about the dates and times from this blog post.

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