Pokemon fans who preordered the life-size Altaria plush are now dealing with the consequences of their actions

Pokemon Altaria life-sized plush
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

The life-sized Altaria Pokemon plush that went up for pre-order last year has now started shipping out, and its new owners are now questioning where they're going to put it. 

Late last year, The Pokemon Company added a huge Altaria plush to its website for $649.99CAD / £429.99. Now, several months later, those who pre-ordered the extra large toy are starting to receive it in the mail and are quickly realizing that maybe they should have taken the creature's 37 ¾ x 51 ½  x 35 ½ inch measurements more seriously. 

One of these people is Twitter user @serinide, who shared a photo of the Altaria plush in their home with the caption: "Good god what have I done." In a follow-up tweet, the streamer posed beside the plush for another photo, along with the caption: "I don’t think you guys understand the sheer scale of this creature." It's kind of difficult to see Serinide in the image though as Altaria completely eclipses them. 

Next up, we've got another Twitter user @Chanzlyn who writes: "Sometimes you just forget you ordered a giant Altaria / Pokemon plush until it shows up at your door over a year later." In this fan's photos, we've got not only a human, a sofa, and a smaller Altaria plush for comparison but also a very large dog - and the Altaria is still one of the biggest things in the photo. 

Finally, we have Twitter user @Mothmew who before even sharing a photo of their life-sized Altaria plush tweeted: "Oh I f***** up…. Life size Altaria is five times bigger than I thought it would be and now I have NO idea where I’m gonna put it." To really put it into perspective, this Pokemon fan shared a snap of the majestic beast on their bed, which is king-sized by the way, and honestly I think the bed belongs to Altaria now.

This has somehow become even funnier than the $400 life-sized Lucario plush we saw back in 2021 that had one of the most iconic photoshoots on The Pokemon Company's website we've ever seen. Unfortunately, Altaria is now out of stock but you can still grab Lucario if you're looking for someone to join you at the dinner table.

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