Pokemon 3 review

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If you're reading this review, chances are you aren't the target market for Pokémon 3. Aimed squarely at grasshopper-knee height, it's as cute and colourful as its squeaky predecessors, with all the usual messages about friendship, co-operation and catching freakish creatures and forcing them to fight until they pass out.

That said, if you're corralled into taking a littl'un to see it, the experience won't be too horrifying. The opening short (electro-hamster Pickachu's adventures in the big city) is predictable enough. But the main feature, The Spell Of The Unown, is far weirder - - the plot centring around a traumatised child who gains control of a godlike entity, The Unown, which can manipulate reality to her every whim...

Far more inventive than either of the other Pokémon movies, it's surprisingly watchable - - especially if you like seeing `toon monsters scrapping. And it's got great potential as a video drinking game - - chug a shot everytime a character says "Pokémon", and you're away...

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