Pokefan creates Pokemon from edible treats, and they’re deliciously adorable

(Image credit: SplatKelly)

A creative Pokemon fan has whipped up some tasty treats in the shape of some iconic pocket monsters and they look good enough to eat.

With the recent release of Pokemon Home, the new Mythical monster coming to Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Day fast approaching, February is a great month to celebrate your love for your favourite battle buddies. 

Twitter user SplatKelly, has shown off her pokepassion in a unique way by designing dishes to look like her favourite Pokemon. 

Using real apples, fondant and homemade pie dough, SplatKelly has created an incredibly accurate model of Appletun, the Grass/ Dragon-type Pokemon. This dessert, like its Pokemon counterpart, is sporting a little apple helmet. Most likely to protect it from incoming Fire-type attacks.

(Image credit: SplatKelly)

You can see the dessert version of Applin, as well as Appletuns Gigantamaxed form below.

Here we have another Pokemon from the Galar region, and the meticulous detail on this Alcremie is stunning. Using whipped buttercream and fondant for the extra details, this all cream Alcremie looks ready for battle… or dinner time. 

(Image credit: SplatKelly)

You can see the dessert version of Alcremies Gigantamaxed form below.

Pikachu and Eevee
Arguably the two most iconic Pokemon to date, (especially with the launch of their very own games) Pikachu and Eevee have been fashioned into a delicious looking decorative curry (hopefully those aren’t Eevee chunks). 

If you wanted to try your hand at making your own Pokemon curry, SplatKelly has included the list of ingredients here

(Image credit: SplatKelly)

If you’re interested in checking out more of SplatKellys Pokemon inspired dishes, you can find her Twitter page here. Somebody please request a giant Grand Oak cookie!

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